This is ourselves

I try to be honest when I write. But I’m also very conscious of people I write about or reference. Although I can count the people who read this without needing my toes, I’m careful not to make people obviously identifiable; while my “inner circle” might know who they are, the casual reader wouldn’t. I also attempt to be balanced and acknowledge that my feelings and views aren’t the only possible perspective and be sensitive to other peoples’ feelings and situations.

I’ve been particularly aware of that recently as, although I haven’t seen or heard from the boy (or “the fuckwit” as he’s now known to my friends) since our final meet, I know he’s active on Twitter (it was “our space” for a brief period) and still follows me. This blog is linked to my Twitter account so it’s possible he may read it.

He also blogs. Mainly poetry or political prose and I’ve consciously not looked at it since we ended things. However I was tipped off that there was a new post that I might want to read. I wish I hadn’t. It’s a recounting of a night out with a friend. From the headline that’s all good. Time with friends is precious and can be a much needed restorative.

Bearing in mind we parted ways because, although he allegedly cared deeply about me, he felt he needed to give his 25-year relationship one last attempt at resuscitation, even though it had apparently been dead in the water for over a decade. Imagine therefore my joy at reading about his evening of chatting up various barmaids and handing out his contact details. Yep. You got it. He clearly doesn’t have the same ethics or cares about his potential readership as I do. More fool me.

From deluded idealist to complete player in one fell swoop. I definitely got played and I’m an idiot for believing anything he said. And blokes wonder why women have trust issues! There must be one decent single bloke out there, surely. Someone prove me right, please.

Another one bites the dust

Generally if things appear too good to be true it’s because they are. My fledgling relationship didn’t make it out of the nest, sadly.

I thought because we’d known each other so long things would be different, but I was wrong. I received a “Dear John” text. Usual excuse, “it’s not you, it’s me, I need space”. Whatever.

I don’t have a particular issue with that, if I’m honest. Everyone deals with things differently. Has daemons to battle and mountains to climb that others can’t see and don’t know about. If it’s not right, it’s not right.

What stung for me was the method of delivery. A text message. Not a face to face conversation or even a phone call. Just a text message in the early hours when he presumably thought I’d be asleep and not able to respond. I found that really disrespectful and pretty cowardly. Clearly being the first love/muse counts for nothing.

So I’m dusting myself off, trying to undent my pride and restore my dignity and self-esteem to functional levels. One day I shall be that old lady who wears purple, talks to trees and hoards cats. But not today.

2018 is still unfurling itself. I am determined it will be my year. My trust may be low and my cynicism high but hope still abounds; you never know what – or who – is just around the corner.

Tales of the unexpected 

So, tonight was “work date” with CSG. Sadly not wearing the suit he’d been in all day. I get to the pub (where else? Although it was one I’d mentioned being my favourite in the area a while back) & he’s with another woman. Outrageous! I did wonder for a millisecond if he’d invited his girlfriend as company.

Turns out she was a colleague he’s been working on a project with; he was very quick to establish that he’s single. Intros over, she left fairly quickly. I sat opposite him & he started to interview me, after a trip to the bar for a bottle of wine. Interesting as he’d wanted to discuss a job vacancy with me. I answered most of his questions, then turned it around to the job. The look of surprise made me realise this was more date than work. Yes I’m slow on the uptake….

Second bottle of wine led to more personal questions, and him insisting I move to sit next to him. Date territory definitely ensued.  He’s far more observant than I gave him credit for.  It was surprising for me how comfortable I felt with it. I don’t “do” work relationships, so this was totally new ground for me.  We did discuss how we work together from now on; “fight club” rules pretty much sums it up . Suits me for now. If it progresses I’ll have to fess up to my boss, which isn’t something I look forward to. Will be interesting to see how it pans out. He seemed to be pretty frank & open about his life to date though, so even my hard, cynical heart made some space for him.

No definite plans for our next out of office encounter, although I think we both would like it to be away from work turf! I’ll keep you posted.