It’s my party

So this week has been “interesting” as they say, with some highs and real lows both personally and professionally. However it’s now Saturday and I’ve been looking forward to tonight for weeks. Off to the Woo to spend time celebrating me with some of my closest friends. I can’t wait to be with people who genuinely care about me.

True, lasting friendship is one of life’s real joys. As soon as you work out those who are just around out of habit, only there for their own benefit, or while times are good, you can really start to identify the folk who are always there when you need them; tenacious supporters (& piss-takers at times) who always have your back and are in your corner. Clearly they must do yoga in their spare time to be that limber…

Anyway I’m seeing a lot of them tonight and so, for today at least, all is good. Love you guys.

Finally Friday

At last, it’s Friday evening.  This has been a stupidly long week and I’ve worked even longer hours than usual.  I also had to terminate the contract of one of my members of staff, which is never a nice thing to have to do.

CSG was not in, so I’ve had an uninterrupted day.  It was quite productive, but a little dull (shush, don’t tell him).  He is getting a trifle cheeky though in his communication. I’m not complaining, yet.

So we will have to see what happens next, and if our “work date” gets arranged anytime soon.  I have date #2 as well with first date guy (will have to find another name for him if that goes well).

And as for this weekend? Well, it’s full of god-mothering – I am spending Saturday with two of my godchildren and on Sunday I acquire my 9th godchild, which will be a really proud moment.

And, of course, you never know who you might meet!