Roaming Rooster

I bit the bullet and got a second Hello Fresh box – and this time I went a bit outside my comfort zone.  I tend to be a bit “safe” when ordering in restaurants a lot of the time, or buying food for myself, and I’d been waiting for a week’s worth of recipes from HelloFresh that I thought I’d like.

I’ve probably said before that I’m not a massive fan of pulses or rice, and I tend to avoid really hot/spicy food too.  I’m not a fan of green beans or peppers either, so clearly I decided to cook a dish that included most of those this evening!

It was billed as Speedy Vietnamese Lemongrass Stir Fry with Roaming Roosters Steak.  It’s beef flank cooked with peppers, green beans, spring onion, chilli, garlic, soy sauce, white vine vinegar and, of course, lemongrass and served on basmati rice.  It was fairly speedy – just required a lot of chopping then a fair bit of frying.  I have no idea why it’s called “roaming rooster” but the steak was very tasty.  Pretty tender considering I probably didn’t slice it quite as thinly as i was supposed to and then had to spend a bit longer waiting for it to brown off.  I was a bit cautious with the chilli, but having tasted it I could definitely have put more in.

I’ve not cooked with the hard bit of lemongrass before; the recipe did say that you needed to hit it with something hard and then keep chopping to release the flavour – and I don’t think I did this enough.  I couldn’t really taste the lemongrass.  It was very nice though, and I would cook it again.  Just as well as i have enough portion in the freezer to eat another night!

Here’s what my creation looked like:  

and compared to the professionals:  

One down, four more to go.  It’s good to be cooking again, and made me leave work at a sensible time to get home to my chopping board!