Green day

So the book arrived, delivered by the Amazon elves while I slept, and I’ve made the first juice.

It is made from kale, rocket, parsley, apple, celery and lemon juice, plus matcha green tea.  It doesn’t taste too bad, but I can see why on other forums people have advised against using a nutribullet or blender rather than a juicer as there’s a lot of pulp left from the greens.   You’d have to do an awful lot of sieving to get rid of the bits.

The book says there should be about 50ml juice from the greens – I didn’t get quite that much but it wasn’t far off.  The recipe does use handfuls so it’s clearly not an exact science.   However my kitchen does now look as though I had a slight explosion with the grass collector on my lawn mower. The celery and apple give a lot more volume of liquid.

It is a bit of a faff, and for the first three days you are meant to have 3 juices dropping down to 2 for the rest of the week.  The book says you can prepare them in advance and it keeps it’s nutritional properties for 3 days, so I’ll definitely be making this in batches.

I doubt I’ll be following this precisely as the volume of juicing while working full-time will be a bit tricky, however the meal recipes look interesting I’ll definitely be incorporating them into my repertoire.

If these sirtuin-rich foods are really wonder foods, then eating more of them must have health benefits, even if I don’t get the associated weight-loss with following the plan religiously.  I’ll keep you updated!



Halloumi myself and I

After a busy weekend (those leftovers in my freezer were really useful) I finally got round to making the last of this time’s HelloFresh recipes.

This time it was lentil and charred vegetable halloumi salad.  This was a dish of extremes for me, including things I don’t like much at all (lentils, courgettes and peppers) and things I adore (halloumi and rocket).

This was really easy to make, not much chopping – just the courgette and pepper.  A little bit of pan cooking – the courgette, pepper and halloumi – and whipping up a quick vinaigrette.  The vegetables, lentils, rocket and vinaigrette are mixed together and the cooked halloumi put on top – after being coated in a small amount of oil and lemon zest.

I’m still not a fan of lentils, but I did like this salad.  The lemon juice and thyme in the vinaigrette helped add a bit of flavour to the lentils and the different textures of the charred vegetables and halloumi really worked.

This is how it looked

and the professional version