Stacking Mexicans

Second night of HelloFresh week, and I chose to make Mexican Tortilla Stack with Homemade Guacamole and Black Bean Salsa.

This included both black beans (dreaded pulses) and yellow pepper – both things I’m not usually that keen on.  It was delicious!  Really easy to make – lots of chopping again – and then you bung most of it in saucepan for a while.

There’s a really easy to make guacamole – mash up an avocado, add some coriander and lime juice and it’s good to go.

It makes loads, so this would easily feed three, and I have lots of left over salsa and guacamole in my fridge now.  Looking forward to having the second helping of this one – and I’d definitely make it again.  Particularly as there is no meat in it, the cat left me to cook in peace!

It tastes great and the different textures – the smooth guacamole, the warm tomato and blackbean salsa, soft tortillas finished with crunchy cold black bean, pepper and coriander topping – work really well.  It’s not the easiest thing to eat – definitely not an early dating dish – but worth the salsa spillage.

Here’s how it looked

and what it should have looked like


Dirty Sunday

The last Hello Fresh posting for the moment as I created the last of my recipes this evening, and as my freezer is quite full of the leftovers I won’t need to cook for a little while!

Tonight was Mexican “Dirty  Rice” with Chicken & Chorizo.  I love both chicken & chorizo but I’m not a huge fan of basmati rice or pulses, as mentioned previously.  However, as per all the recipes this week, the flavours and textures really work well together.  The chicken is coated in paprika and there’s a healthy addition of lime rind and zest which combine to make it really tasty.   The smoked chorizo is cooked until crispy and adds a nice bite to the meal.  Again, there’s loads left over so I’ll have some of this cold for lunch tomorrow.

Here’s my attempt and below is the real thing.  I’d recommend HelloFresh if you’re looking for new recipe ideas or want a reason to cook.  You get a discount on your first order with a referral code, so let me know if you’d like one.