Hello Thursday

Tonight’s recipe was Sicilian Caponata with Herbed Pork and Garlic Ciabatta.  I wasn’t as keen on this one when I saw the week’s recipes.  I thought I didn’t like capers.  However I was wrong!  It was really easy to make, and getting the herbed pork out of the sausage skin was a cause for much hilarity.  Something like another life skill, but in reverse.

Here’s how it looked – it tasted lovely.

This is the professional version:

Not too far off, but then again it’s probably fairly tricky to make this look too different!

Fresh Wednesday

Second day of Hello Fresh cooking for me – all recipes are meant to be for two people so if it can’t be frozen I eat it two days running.

Anyway, today’s concoction was Chicken Milanese with roasted new potatoes and fresh leaves.  It was delicious (if I say so myself) with the added bonus of getting to bash chicken breasts with a rolling pin – relieves the stresses of the day!  It was really easy to make – particularly as all the ingredients come weighed out – it’s like being on Sunday Brunch (but sadly without Simon Rimmer).

This is how it came out:

And this is how it should have looked:

What do you reckon?

Hello Monday

I was late home but determined to make my first HelloFresh meal (mainly as it was seafood & I wanted to get the unappetising grey prawns cooked). Luckily it was only a 15min prep recipe and that was pretty spot on.  Here’s my attempt

And here’s what it should have looked like, don’t think I did too badly:

The instructions were easy to follow & the portion size huge.  The ingredients were meant to feed two, but could easily have fed three (or even four) from it. Very tasty; I’ll definitely make this again.

Hello Fresh!

I’ve been trying to eat more healthily this year, and lose some weight, so was happy to sign up for Hello Fresh when a friend gave me a £20 off voucher.  The food arrived today – and it looks amazing.  Will be good to have a chance to cook properly this week and try some recipes and ingredients I may not usually use. Here’s what arrived

I’ll post a bit about them as I attempt to make them.  I doubt my efforts will look much like the pictures on the recipe cards, but as long as they taste good it’ll be fine…