Last night I tried the Marine Mask. It was great! You apply to damp skin & leave for around 20 mins. It’s clear but sets firm so your face looks really smooth while its on. It also set my eyebrows solid which required lots of “hilarious” mugging in the mirror while it did its stuff. 
It washes off easily with a warm cloth and my skin was beautifully smooth and soft afterwards. It doesn’t have much of a scent, but isn’t unpleasant.  They recommend using it about twice a week.

The previous night I tried the Aloe Scrub which says it is gentle enough for daily use. This was a good product too, and I noticed this morning that between the two products my pesky milia had disappeared. Result!

I liked them both; although I think the packaging lets them down a little. They are as good as premium products with quality ingredients, but the packaging doesn’t give that impression. I realise they are an American company that also supply the UK and European markets so it might be the packaging & presentation is tailored for their North American client base.

Regardless, these two are definitely worth a try.