Aloe goodbye

So my Forever Living product trial is over, they’ve all been given back and my bathroom cupboard looks sadly empty. I’ve enjoyed the experience and am grateful to for giving me the opportunity to try them.  My top six are pictured, and I’ve placed an order already.

What this last week has confirmed to me is that the older I get, the more I prefer tailored products.  By that I mean products that are designed for one specific purpose rather than having a variety of uses. Creams and lotions that are designed for face and body don’t give enough nourishment to my face now I’m no longer in my twenties (or thirties, come to that!) and my hot picks reflect that.

The multi-use products are great value though, and would be good as face and body moisturisers for teens upwards of any gender.  The lack of strong fragrance definitely makes them suitable for the men I know who run a mile from anything “girly”.  And although I’m not a fan of the packaging, I think it probably helps make a lot of the products non gender specific.

I’d definitely give some of the ranges as gifts to friends (particularly the Relaxation products) and would recommend them to pretty much anyone.  I have a couple of weddings coming up later this year so may well have to resort to the weight management shakes to get rid of those pesky last pounds before hand!

They are available from your local Forever Living supplier, or you can order on-line from thefabulouslife  and say “Aloe” to some new products.




Aloe Fresh

Today’s review is of two slightly less glamorous products – hand & face soap and ever-shield deodorant.

The hand and face soap has a subtle fragrance and lathers well.  It seems quite mild and is fine as hand soap as it doesn’t dry the skin.  I’m not sure I’d want to use it as a face soap personally, but I have heard other people say they use this as a baby wash and a shampoo so it’s clearly a useful one to have around.  It would also be good as a shower gel for those (particularly men) who don’t like scented products.

I use handwash pumps in the kitchen and bathroom, but prefer those that are anti-bacterial.  I know that aloe vera does have some anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, but I’m not sure whether this product does.  I’ll have to do some research.

I wasn’t sure initially about the deodorant as it isn’t an anti-perspirant, which I usually prefer.  However I gave it a go and was impressed.  It is a big stick and glides on easily.  It has a subtle fresh fragrance, and you don’t get sudden whiffs of it during the day as you can with other roll on or stick deodorants.  It has very few ingredients so is pretty natural and will leave your underarms nice and soft too.  It also doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes – result!

Unfortunately I had to stop using it after a few days as I had a reaction to it.  I suspect this was due to the Triclosan;  I have a skin allergy to zinc and, having done some research, have discovered that Triclosan is often synthesised with zinc oxide.  This trial has been very educational!  I also looked up to see if others had experienced reactions to this product and couldn’t find any negative reviews.  I knew I was special…. 😦

I am sad I can’t use it, as I think this is a great product – and really reasonably priced.  It’s £6 for the stick and it lasts around 9 months.  Great value!

Not long left with the trial and only a couple more products left to review.  Shame, as I’ve been enjoying it.

Aloe body

I have both these aloe lotions in my trial pack, and I must admit I am not entirely sure what the difference between them is.

The packaging of the lotion says it contains jojoba and vitamin E, while the moisturising lotion says “with collagen and elastin”.   The brochure says they are both formulated with jojoba oil, collagen and elastin; so the only difference seems to be that the aloe lotion contains vitamin E.  However scanning through the ingredients list on the moisturising lotion shows that also contains vitamin E.  Colour me more confused….

They are both described as maintaining the skin’s natural PH balance while moisturising, and ideal for face, hands and body. The moisturising lotion says it is also good as a primer for make up while the aloe lotion can be used as a toner, conditioner, after sun, post-shave balm and emollient.  As they seem to be pretty much the same product I struggle to see why they both exist and why they have such different uses promoted. I’m sure they could both be used for the same things.

They, not surprisingly, have similar textures and fragrances and I’m not sure there’s a need for either in my skincare regime.  Neither seem that rich for a body lotion or hand cream to me, and I’d have to apply them more than once during the day.  I definitely don’t find them as moisturising (or as nicely fragranced) as the lavender and aloe massage lotion in the Relaxation range. The Propolis creme is definitely better for my “more mature” skin as a face cream too.

I think I may just have to accept that I’m not the target audience for either of these products! I’m pleased to have tried them though and would recommend either (not both!) to those looking for a multi-purpose, easily absorbed lotion.

Shake it up

I know how to live on a Saturday night, so clearly a meal-replacement shake and a face mask are top of the list of things to do….

I dug out my much under-used blender and mixed up the Forever Lite Ultra Shake vanilla powder, 3ooml of skimmed milk and a handful of blueberries and raspberries.  I’ve done meal replacement shakes many moons ago and they were not the most pleasant thing so I wasn’t expecting much (hence the fruit addition).  This was surprisingly okay – I’m not going to pretend it was the best dining experience ever – but it didn’t taste too synthetic.  The vanilla was sweet but not overpowering and the texture was fine.  The powder all dissolved pretty easily.

I think I could manage one of those a day for a week if I was looking to shed a few pounds quickly.  The pack makes 15 shakes, and is priced at around £20 so seems fairly reasonable.  Each serving contains 200 calories, and around half of the daily recommended intake of protein and also half of the major vitamins and minerals.

I also have the chocolate version to try, so may do that one this evening.  Chocolate on Valentine’s is the way to go, right?

I also had the Aloe Mask from the Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Collection to try.  That translates to the Flower of Youth, and the mask offers to rejuvenate by smoothing, conditioning and cleansing the skin.  The range contains collagen and elastin as well as camomile, apricot kernel, jojoba and of course aloe vera.

To make the mask you have to mix a powder with an activator solution.  There is meant to be a measuring/mixing spoon included but that was missing from the trial pack so I had to improvise.  The instructions say to mix until a “lotion consistency” is reached, and then to apply with a brush.

I think it was a bit runny and so was a bit of a performance to put on, but the quantity was good to cover the face and neck.  I’d been warned that it’s nicknamed the “botox facial” as it sets solid – and that’s definitely true.  You leave it on for around 30 mins before removing with a hot cloth.   After 30 mins it was solid and my face was smooth and shiny (before taking it off!) as you can see from the scary photo below!

It was easy to remove, although I had got some of it stuck in my hairline.  I was as bit pink and blotchy afterwards but that wasn’t unexpected.  My skin can be a bit sensitive and I had already done the marine mask this week. I put on some aloe gelly and left my face to calm down, which it did relatively quickly.  My skin is very soft and smooth (but not shiny!) this morning and looks refreshed.  Not sure I look youthful but definitely improved.

All in all, I’ve had worse Saturday nights!

Facing up

The trial continues…. I’ve always been interested in beauty products and skin care and always try to use good quality products which deliver results rather than those that are at the cheaper end of the market with lots of synthetic ingredients.

I worked for a premium skin brand for several years which was developed by a consultant dermatologist based on many years of medical research which increased my knowledge and broadened my understanding of the science of skincare.  One of the reasons for volunteering for this trial was to try another range of naturally derived products with some research behind them.

I’d always followed the cleanse-tone-moisturise mantra, but after working for Murad I realised the benefits of adding in a treatment step between the toner and moisturiser stages. I usually have a mix of Murad and Elizabeth Arden products in my bathroom cabinet for my skin care regime.  For this trial I’ve replaced my usual serum and day and night moisturiser with these two Forever products.

I love the nourishing serum. It’s from the more premium Sonya range which has completely different packaging to the other products I’m trying.  It has a great texture and glides on well over toned skin (tip: leave a few minutes after applying toner before applying a treatment product for better results) and smells gorgeous; a bit like lemon meringue. It’s subtle though so you won’t smell like toilet cleaner or anything else that smells artificially of citrus!  I’ve been using this morning & evening for a few days now and it’s keeping my skin texture smooth and reducing visible poor size. I’m definitely a convert to this one.  Although it’s around £34, that’s really good value for the amount you get when you compare price per 100ml with equivalent products from other brands.

I was a bit more dubious about the propolis cream; as mentioned before, the packaging doesn’t really sell it to me and the name is frankly weird!  It’s a fairly thick product when you squeeze it out, and is the consistency of a cream-gel. It’s a bit of an odd colour but applies easily, particularly over the serum. It is fairly rich so is good as a night cream and definitely left my skin feeling nourished.  For the trial period I have been using this in the morning as well, although I wouldn’t usually as it doesn’t contain an SPF. It’s protected my skin nicely though during the biting cold morning walk to the train so I can’t complain too much.  Not convinced this will feature permanently in my regimen as anything other than a night cream but I would definitely say it’s worth a try.


Last night I tried the Marine Mask. It was great! You apply to damp skin & leave for around 20 mins. It’s clear but sets firm so your face looks really smooth while its on. It also set my eyebrows solid which required lots of “hilarious” mugging in the mirror while it did its stuff. 
It washes off easily with a warm cloth and my skin was beautifully smooth and soft afterwards. It doesn’t have much of a scent, but isn’t unpleasant.  They recommend using it about twice a week.

The previous night I tried the Aloe Scrub which says it is gentle enough for daily use. This was a good product too, and I noticed this morning that between the two products my pesky milia had disappeared. Result!

I liked them both; although I think the packaging lets them down a little. They are as good as premium products with quality ingredients, but the packaging doesn’t give that impression. I realise they are an American company that also supply the UK and European markets so it might be the packaging & presentation is tailored for their North American client base.

Regardless, these two are definitely worth a try.


From the bag of goodies these were the first I tried. The scent is gorgeous – aloe & lavender – and reminds me of something that I can’t quite place.  The shower gel lathers really well and made my skin feel really soft with no tightness.  The moisturiser is also quite luxurious and keeps its scent on the skin for hours, but not in an overpowering way.

This part of the range definitely isn’t cheap (at around £20 each) but would make lovely gifts for friends who appreciate pampering.  The packaging looks good too; I’d definitely recommend the relaxation range & will be sad to give them back at the end of the sampling week!!