Too tired to gather my thoughts today – but the lyrics of this song keep seeping into my consciousness.  It was released three years ago but I only heard it for the first time on Sunday.  Not my normal taste (bit twee & manufactured), but I quite like it anyway.  I must be going soft 🙂

Rockin’ on



[photo credit: Mandy Singleton Photography]

I had a couple of days off work mid-week, as I travelled up to the midlands to see a gig.  Many moons ago, in the late-80s, my friend Dan and I met Paul, a Geordie guy visiting our uni to see his girlfriend-at-the-time.  Turned out he was a professional rock guitarist and we got talking and went to see him in a few shows in the 80s and 90s when the band he was in at the time played London.

Fast-forward a few years and, huge coincidence, while staying in Worcester with some of my closest friends I spied a photo on the wall of my friend Nick in one of his bands, with Paul in it as well. Hence a “how do you know….” conversation ensued and it turns out Nick and Paul knew each other pretty well back in the day, and played together in a band for a while.  Both of them brilliant musicians; Paul made it professionally but Nick stayed semi-professional with a “proper” day job as well as his music.

Fast-forward to this week, and the band Paul’s been in for about 15 years – the Quireboys – were playing a really intimate venue (200 capacity) on their acoustic tour.  A group of us decided we definitely weren’t missing that opportunity and bought tickets months ago. The date finally arrived and we trooped off to the Iron Road in Evesham to see them.

They were amazing – playing acoustically really suits them, particularly in such a small venue.  Spike, the lead vocalist, sounds fantastic, just the same as he did in the 90s – even though he was battling with a horrible virus. They played all the classics, including my personal favourite “I Don’t Love You Anymore” and some of their new material, which is also excellent. They really interacted with audience, and Nick got a name check, which pleased all of us!

Turns out Nick knows keyboard player Keith as well as Paul (the three of them were in a band together) so we got to hang out with them in the bar after the show while the boys caught up.  We also got to meet Spike and have a chat with him.  They are all really lovely guys, generous with their time and they seem to really care about their fans.

Go and see them if you like proper rock music – they are still touring, you can see their dates here: Check out their back catalogue  – and their new album, due out at the end of this month, is definitely on my wish list.

You can see them playing acoustically here:

Topical Sunday poem

Bloody men

Bloody men are like bloody buses –
You wait for about a year
And as soon as one approaches your stop
Two or three others appear.

You look at them flashing their indicators,
Offering you a ride.
You’re trying to read the destination,
You haven’t much time to decide.

If you make a mistake, there is no turning back.
Jump off, and you’ll stand there and gaze
While the cars and the taxis and lorries go by
And the minutes, the hours, the days.

Wendy Cope

Song for Zula

This song has been running through my head since Thursday night – maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something….

Some say love is a burning thing
That it makes a fiery ring
Oh but I know love as a fading thing
Just as fickle as a feather in a stream
See, honey, I saw love. You see, it came to me
It put its face up to my face so I could see
Yeah then I saw love disfigure me
Into something I am not recognizing

See, the cage, it called. I said, “Come on in”
I will not open myself up this way again
Nor lay my face to the soil, nor my teeth to the sand
I will not lay like this for days now upon end
You will not see me fall, nor see me struggle to stand
To be acknowledge by some touch from his gnarled hands
You see, the cage, it called. I said, “Come on in”
I will not open myself up this way again

You see, the moon is bright in that treetop night
I see the shadows that we cast in the cold, clean light
My feet are gold. My heart is white
And we race out on the desert plains all night
See, honey, I am not some broken thing
I do not lay here in the dark waiting for thee
No my heart is gold. My feet are light
And I am racing out on the desert plains all night

So some say love is a burning thing
That it makes a fiery ring
Oh but I know love as a caging thing
Just a killer come to call from some awful dream
O and all you folks, you come to see
You just stand there in the glass looking at me
But my heart is wild. And my bones are steam
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free