See the shocking puns haven’t gone anywhere!
Book has been ordered, arrives tomorrow. The print version suddenly dropped to £4 on Amazon. Not sure if that is a good sign!
Off on a hunt for lovage and matcha tea. Apparently eating walnuts & setting up the juicer isn’t quite enough of an effort…

New year, new post

Wow, it’s been a while – didn’t realise it had been quite so long.  Hello, happy (belated) new year.

When I started this blog last year it wasn’t focussed on anything in particular, but soon became dating tales interspersed with cooking and other randomness.

I was aiming last year to lose a bit of weight (to buy a fabulous dress) and find a boyfriend in time for a Christmas Eve wedding.   Well, the wedding was cancelled, and there’s still not bloke permanently on the scene (I may bore you with the details another day) but I did manage to lose some weight (hurrah!) and also got a couple of lovely frocks.  So two out of three’s not bad…..

Anyway, post Christmas and New Year over-indulgence, I realised a few of the banished pounds have found their way back home.  I am determined to get rid of them again, and a few more besides.  A new wedding invitation has arrived for the summer, so that’s another incentive.

I have been following with interest the almost-hysteria currently in the UK press about the Sirtfood diet.  The press have jumped on to this because it allows dark chocolate, red wine and coffee among other, perhaps less surprising, food stuffs.

The authors of The Health Delusion have now written The Sirtfood Diet, which they claim is more about health and well-being than dieting.  Although it does say “diet” in the title….

They devised the eating programme and then trialled it on a number of clients at the gym in London where they work as consultants.  The trial of a eating regime high in sirt-rich foods was meant to aid cellular repair and rejuvenation – but also had the side effect of those on the trial losing an average of 7 lbs in a week and feeling far more energised. 

Their trial included meals being provided for those involved and cost £1,500.  Ouch.  However they’ve now published the book – £8 on amazon or £5 for the kindle version – which outlines the research and science behind it, and shares a 7 day detox and then a maintenance plan.  (The detox definitely restricts calories so there should be an element of weight loss anyway.)

The eating plan is high in “sirt-rich foods” which activate proteins called sirtuins in the body.  Sirtuins regulate biological processes such as aging, cellular death, inflammation and metabolism and protect cells from dying when they are under stress.  According to the research, sirtfoods mimic the effects of fasting and exercise, can speed up weight loss and counterbalance the effects of junk food.

The book lists 20 sirtfoods, which include blueberries, parsley, turmeric, walnuts, rocket, soy, green tea, celery, chilli, kale, apples, buckwheat, capers, extra virgin olive oil, turmeric and red onion.  I haven’t actually got the book yet (debating hard copy vs kindle) but have been googling like mad about it and reading lots of reviews.  I do like the science behind it, and I actually like a lot of the foodstuffs that are sirt-rich, and as you can use the foodstuffs to compliment an existing healthy eating regime, I thought it might actually be achievable; although I’m not expecting to lose half a stone in the first week.

The detox week includes, alongside proper meals, “green juices” which include all kinds of healthy options, and require a juicer.  As I saw Aldi were doing a special on slow juicers (better to get juice from kale, rocket and other leafy stuff than ordinary juicers) I decided to buy one.  It was the last one in the shop so was clearly meant to be….. 🙂

I shall spend the weekend reading the book,  buying healthy food stuffs and juicing anything I can get my hands on (don’t worry, the cat’s safe).

Wish me luck – I’ll let you know how I get on…..