Dirty Sunday

The last Hello Fresh posting for the moment as I created the last of my recipes this evening, and as my freezer is quite full of the leftovers I won’t need to cook for a little while!

Tonight was Mexican “Dirty  Rice” with Chicken & Chorizo.  I love both chicken & chorizo but I’m not a huge fan of basmati rice or pulses, as mentioned previously.  However, as per all the recipes this week, the flavours and textures really work well together.  The chicken is coated in paprika and there’s a healthy addition of lime rind and zest which combine to make it really tasty.   The smoked chorizo is cooked until crispy and adds a nice bite to the meal.  Again, there’s loads left over so I’ll have some of this cold for lunch tomorrow.

Here’s my attempt and below is the real thing.  I’d recommend HelloFresh if you’re looking for new recipe ideas or want a reason to cook.  You get a discount on your first order with a referral code, so let me know if you’d like one.

Squash that butternut

Tonight’s delicacy was butternut squash with couscous, rocket and lemon-tahini sauce.  This was a new one on me – I don’t tend to choose couscous-type dishes, and had never cooked with butternut squash. And what on earth is tahini? 

Despite that I persevered, and am glad I did.  Typically though, this was the most confusing of all the recipes to follow.  It’s not a hard dish to make, but the instructions just weren’t as clearly written as the others so far.

However, I think I made a half decent hash of it, and it tasted really good.  As this is vegan as well as vegetarian I will keep this to make again when my non-carnivore friends next come over for dinner.

Hello Thursday

Tonight’s recipe was Sicilian Caponata with Herbed Pork and Garlic Ciabatta.  I wasn’t as keen on this one when I saw the week’s recipes.  I thought I didn’t like capers.  However I was wrong!  It was really easy to make, and getting the herbed pork out of the sausage skin was a cause for much hilarity.  Something like another life skill, but in reverse.

Here’s how it looked – it tasted lovely.

This is the professional version:

Not too far off, but then again it’s probably fairly tricky to make this look too different!

Fresh Wednesday

Second day of Hello Fresh cooking for me – all recipes are meant to be for two people so if it can’t be frozen I eat it two days running.

Anyway, today’s concoction was Chicken Milanese with roasted new potatoes and fresh leaves.  It was delicious (if I say so myself) with the added bonus of getting to bash chicken breasts with a rolling pin – relieves the stresses of the day!  It was really easy to make – particularly as all the ingredients come weighed out – it’s like being on Sunday Brunch (but sadly without Simon Rimmer).

This is how it came out:

And this is how it should have looked:

What do you reckon?

Hello Monday

I was late home but determined to make my first HelloFresh meal (mainly as it was seafood & I wanted to get the unappetising grey prawns cooked). Luckily it was only a 15min prep recipe and that was pretty spot on.  Here’s my attempt

And here’s what it should have looked like, don’t think I did too badly:

The instructions were easy to follow & the portion size huge.  The ingredients were meant to feed two, but could easily have fed three (or even four) from it. Very tasty; I’ll definitely make this again.

Hello Fresh!

I’ve been trying to eat more healthily this year, and lose some weight, so was happy to sign up for Hello Fresh when a friend gave me a £20 off voucher.  The food arrived today – and it looks amazing.  Will be good to have a chance to cook properly this week and try some recipes and ingredients I may not usually use. Here’s what arrived

I’ll post a bit about them as I attempt to make them.  I doubt my efforts will look much like the pictures on the recipe cards, but as long as they taste good it’ll be fine…