Rinse, repeat

The dating bus has struck again.  Two chaps I’ve known quite a while have been in touch after long periods of silence.  Very surprising.  If you’re a long-time reader of this very sporadic blog you will have heard of both of them before.  In addition, my cheese and wine first dater is also still messaging me.  Not entirely sure why as we aren’t going to meet again, but he’s entertaining to chat with so perhaps I’ve acquired a new friend.

One of the repeats is a guy I’ve known eight or nine years having met originally on-line.  I last saw him in April 2015 and we went out a couple of times but he was hoping to have more fun than I was prepared to indulge him with, so he flounced off.

He got in touch again through Facebook to tell me how much he liked me, always had done and really missed me.  Hmmm.  After an 18-month absence I was a little cynical about that.  He asked he could take me out for a drink as he really wanted to see me again.  I said he could if he remembered our conversation from last time, as our next “date” wouldn’t end any differently to that.  Funnily enough I’m still waiting for that drink to be arranged.  It would appear leopards really don’t change their spots, or their expectations!

The second one I also saw last around the same time, although I’ve known him much longer (about 20 years, eek)  and we go out as part of a group of former work colleagues every 18 months or so.  In fact, it’s partly due to him that this blog has the name it does.  Anyway,  I was up later than usual and, just after midnight, a private message popped up on social media asking me if I fancied a drink before Christmas.  I was intrigued, thought “why not?” so said yes and we met up later that week.  I half-wondered if it was a group meet or just the two of us, but really suspected the latter as I found out a couple of years ago that he’d always carried a torch for me, although I was completely oblivious to that at the time.

We had arranged to meet near Covent Garden (I was suitably late, oops).  It was just us; it would seem the torch still glows.  We found a pub and had a catch up on the last couple of years; we had always got on well, and we still did.  I asked during the evening why he suddenly got in touch; as he hadn’t ever messaged me before I was curious.  Turns out he was bored, had had too much red wine and it seemed like a good idea.  Ha!  So much for romance.  At least he’s honest.

It was a good evening and we have met up again since; we manage to talk about all kinds of nonsense, interspersed with more serious stuff, which I like.  There has only been infrequent messaging but a third escapade is on the cards.  I am not sure about intentions or longer-term aspirations, but it’s a bit early yet for that.  I’m trying not to do my usual and overthink and overanalyse everything, but it’s a challenge.  I shall see where this goes; I already know there will be complications on the road ahead, so it is likely not to be all plain sailing.  Lovely mixed metaphors there!

Two blog posts in one day – I am amazing myself with this productivity level! Lol.  Normal sporadic service will soon resume, I am sure… 🙂


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