Facing up

The trial continues…. I’ve always been interested in beauty products and skin care and always try to use good quality products which deliver results rather than those that are at the cheaper end of the market with lots of synthetic ingredients.

I worked for a premium skin brand for several years which was developed by a consultant dermatologist based on many years of medical research which increased my knowledge and broadened my understanding of the science of skincare.  One of the reasons for volunteering for this trial was to try another range of naturally derived products with some research behind them.

I’d always followed the cleanse-tone-moisturise mantra, but after working for Murad I realised the benefits of adding in a treatment step between the toner and moisturiser stages. I usually have a mix of Murad and Elizabeth Arden products in my bathroom cabinet for my skin care regime. ¬†For this trial I’ve replaced my usual serum and day and night moisturiser with these two Forever products.

I love the nourishing serum. It’s from the more premium Sonya range which has completely different packaging to the other products I’m trying. ¬†It has a great texture and glides on well over toned skin (tip: leave a few minutes after applying toner before applying a treatment product for better results) and smells gorgeous; a bit like lemon meringue. It’s subtle though so you won’t smell like toilet cleaner or anything else that smells artificially of citrus! ¬†I’ve been using this morning & evening for a few days now and it’s keeping my skin texture smooth and reducing visible poor size. I’m definitely a convert to this one. ¬†Although it’s around ¬£34, that’s really good value for the amount you get when you compare price per 100ml with equivalent products from other brands.

I was a bit more dubious about the propolis cream; as mentioned before, the packaging doesn’t really sell it to me and the name is frankly weird! ¬†It’s a fairly thick product when you squeeze it out, and is the consistency of a cream-gel. It’s a bit of an odd colour but applies easily, particularly over the serum. It is fairly rich so is good as a night cream and definitely left my skin feeling nourished. ¬†For the trial period I have been using this in the morning as well, although I wouldn’t usually as it doesn’t contain an SPF. It’s protected my skin nicely though during the biting cold morning walk to the train so I can’t complain too much. ¬†Not convinced this will feature permanently in my regimen as anything other than a night cream but I would definitely say it’s worth a try.

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