Halloumi myself and I

After a busy weekend (those leftovers in my freezer were really useful) I finally got round to making the last of this time’s HelloFresh recipes.

This time it was lentil and charred vegetable halloumi salad.  This was a dish of extremes for me, including things I don’t like much at all (lentils, courgettes and peppers) and things I adore (halloumi and rocket).

This was really easy to make, not much chopping – just the courgette and pepper.  A little bit of pan cooking – the courgette, pepper and halloumi – and whipping up a quick vinaigrette.  The vegetables, lentils, rocket and vinaigrette are mixed together and the cooked halloumi put on top – after being coated in a small amount of oil and lemon zest.

I’m still not a fan of lentils, but I did like this salad.  The lemon juice and thyme in the vinaigrette helped add a bit of flavour to the lentils and the different textures of the charred vegetables and halloumi really worked.

This is how it looked

and the professional version

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