After a night off last night (had the second portion of the steak stir fry; just as tasty as the first night) I was back slaving over a chopping board again tonight.  I plumped for the chicken with cashew nuts and yellow bean sauce.

This is one of my favourite dishes if I have a chinese meal so was keen to see how easy it was to make my own.  I have to admit I groaned a little when I saw how many ingredients this had – but actually it was really easy to make with minimal chopping required.  Hurrah!

I had toast the cashews, slice the chicken, quickly fry it off, then cook egg noodles and tenderstem broccoli together.  After that it was just a case of throwing chopped spring onions, garlic and ginger in the pan, with a bit of sesame oil.  I made the yellow bean sauce – which also had rice vinegar, soy sauce and water – and then added to the pan with the cooked chicken, broccoli and noodles.  Warmed it all together and voilà!

To serve I just added the toasted cashews and spring onion.  It was really delicious – actually nicer that the one I bought from the takeaway last weekend.  Much less fatty and the broccoli added a really good crunch.

This is how it looked

and the professional version:

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