Queen of the slipstream

I’m back!  Camping was as brilliant as always.  Weather wasn’t too awful, although it’s the first time I’ve pitched a tent in sea fog.  There were 10 of us adults and three kids.  We did a bit of walking, a fair amount of drinking and lots of talking nonsense.  It was really relaxing, and always great to spend time with lots of my favourite people in a gorgeous place and have time time off work.

So that meant I only went to work for two days this week – Thursday and Friday – although they were both ridiculously long days. I had wondered if anything else would be missing from my desk, or whether my stolen pencil sharpener may have found its way home in my absence.  However nothing had changed.  CSG had been in the office at the end of last week while I was on leave, but was off himself for the week just gone.

I was so busy catching up with emails and going to meetings that I wouldn’t have had much time for him anyway, but I did miss our little daily chats.  I hadn’t heard from him since Thursday last week, and he doesn’t usually contact me much outside of the office.  So when my phone pinged on Friday lunchtime I was quite surprised that it was him messaging me.

Hello, he says.  How was your week without harassment from me? Clearly he wants me to miss him. Sweet.  We had a bit of a chat about what he’d been up to – he’d done a bit of the Shaun the Sheep trail and had found the one near Buckingham Palace that’s dressed in a crown and cape. I quipped that Shaun ought to know that I’m queen.  In answer he sent me this:


saying he thought it was apt. I was quite touched.

I mentioned my princess role model, if I had to choose, would be Princess Leia from Star Wars as she’s pretty feisty.  He then sent me a picture of a somewhat drunk looking Leia.

Cheeky git.  He later backtracked and said I was a lush not a drunk. And at 5pm he sent me a picture of glass of wine as it was “wine o’clock”.  Only one glass though, not one for each of us.  Such a charmer….

It was good to hear from him regardless; I guess it shows he does think about me outside of work.  Let’s see what happens on Monday!

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