Wednesday morning, 3am

CSG has upped his game again over the last few days.  I get daily visits to update me on the state of his phalanges – swelling is reducing and movement is returning for anyone who’s interested!

Thursday last week was the general election and my day was crazy, with very little time for anything but work.  Friday was somewhat less frenetic, and so I actually got some time for a lunch break, which is something of a novelty at the moment.  I work above a library, and really like books, so decided to have a nose around over lunch.

I was heading back out when suddenly CSG appeared and clearly wanted a chat.  He was calling me a “library geek” – such a charmer – and had already tried to call me on my mobile to tell me that as well.  I have my phone on silent at work, so hadn’t noticed him calling.  I’m not entirely sure how he knew I was browsing the shelves though.

We had a chat about nothing much in particular – and I was looking at the badges that attach by velcro to his army-issue camouflage jacket, and resisting the urge to pull them off.  One is his blood-type and the other said “NKA”  which wasn’t an acronym I was familiar with.  He wouldn’t tell me what it stood for and said I’d earn points by getting it right – or finding something suitably entertaining to fit.

I spent a short time that afternoon sending suggestions for it, before confirming I’d worked out it meant “no known allergies”.  I scored 10 points for my suggestions, but then he deducted 12 for my being a “smart arse” and getting it right.  Not that he’s competitive or anything….

Not much weekend contact, but this week so far I’ve had several visits each day.  Apart from phalange updates, he’s also been venting his frustrations about parts of his role, which can be a tad awkward for me as  I know more about some of the things that are impacting on him than I can admit.  He’s also was keen to tell me that he’d bought a new tie.  I haven’t spotted it yet – I think he’s worked out I prefer to see him suited up though!

I also realised today that he’s pinched something else off my desk. Let’s see if he’s a bit more creative this time after the slight disappointment of the spoon-gate denouement.  He also muttered about arranging a drink – the job he’s applying for closes on Sunday so that may have something to do with it.   I shall let you know!

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