Meet Regina Phalange

regina phalangeI saw a friend at the weekend who scolded me for not updating my blog recently, so I thought I’d better oblige.  Nice to know someone is reading!

My last CSG-related post mentioned the leaving do for a colleague we were due to be attending.  I didn’t manage to keep my wits about me and actually got quite drunk.  Oops.  I blame the disgusting jagerbomb that CSG made me drink.  The copious amounts of red wine and vodka (and sourz shots) either side of it had no bearing on my level of sobriety or how rubbish I felt the next day…

Clearly CSG attended and he seemed to be working the room, which was interesting to observe.  He disappeared for while with a male friend,but made sure I knew he’d be back a little later.  While he was gone, a number of people made comments to me about the amount of attention he pays me in the office, which was entertaining and worrying in equal measure.  I also found out about bits of his history – which I didn’t necessarily need to know – particularly as it turns out he’s had some kind of interaction with at least two of my staff, one of whom is half my age.  Hmmm.  I realise everyone has history, but after you get through school/uni past relationships aren’t generally so close to home.

He left before me, and we had a strange drunken text exchange that evening, that carried on across the weekend (the messages, not the drinking!).  We seem to talk on two levels – “business” communication in the office and then a second level of conversation via text and WhatsApp that goes on at the same time.  It feels a bit subversive – which I know is ridiculous – particularly when he references in conversation something we’ve texted to each other or sent a picture about.

More desk-based japes occurred last week, with him swapping out my keyboard one morning for hideous clunky yellow-keyed thing.  Strangely I noticed pretty quickly!  He also went off and did some really tedious jobs for me which was sweet of him.  And yet….  we’re still no further forward.

Our first “date” was arranged on the flimsy excuse that he wanted to discuss a job vacancy with me.  That role has been readvertised and he’s been advised to reapply.  He did mention to me that he wanted to talk to me about it again, so maybe that will finally end up being our second date.  I know I over-analyse everything but this does make me question his motives/intentions and wonder if he’s just playing me while I’m useful.  But then I think he’s putting in a lot of effort for very little potential return.  I will admit I am somewhat confused.

I didn’t see or hear from him on Friday, nor yesterday (and Monday was a public holiday here) so thought perhaps I’d fallen out of favour.  I deliberately didn’t message him over the weekend to see if he would get in touch first (juvenile, I know).  It was quite strange not having had any contact for almost a week.

However, good things come to them that wait and he messaged me first thing this morning to check whether I was in .  He also said he’d been looking for me yesterday and couldn’t find me. Awww, sweet.  He then came by to see me and to catch up.  He was feeling sorry for himself as he’d come off his bike on Friday and hurt his hand (and his ego, more to the point) – as a typical bloke he hasn’t been to get it checked out.  His thumb is quite badly swollen, but he can move it okay so I don’t think he’s done any lasting damage.

I was googling how to tell if you’ve broken your thumb and discovered that there are two bones in your thumb called phalanges.  What a great word!  It sounds vaguely rude as well, which is a bonus.  I’ve been asking CSG how his phalanges are ever since.

There was also something in the dark recesses of my brain that remembered that, in a few episodes of Friends, Phoebe had an alter-ego called Regina Phalange.   I did mention to CSG that although phalange was now officially one of my favourite words I wasn’t going as far as to change my name, a la Phoebe.  Which he found hilarious.  I do like that he gets my cultural references (most of the time) and doesn’t think I’m a total nut job.

Phoebe once changed her name in the show to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock – not so sure I’ll be able to shoe horn that one into conversation though.  I may have to try….

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