Saturday night’s all right

Realised I hadn’t posted for a while so thought I’d better rectify that.  Last weekend a chap I met about 5 years ago, and dated for a little while, got in touch.  I have heard from him once or twice a year via Facebook since we were together, but hadn’t seen him for two or three years.  It didn’t work out with us because he didn’t like the distance – he lives about 35 miles away – and I found he was a bit too negative for me at the time.  He had a few unresolved issues relating from his marriage break up (a year or so before we first met) and had moved out of the family home to stay with his father.  All in all, it just wasn’t the right time for us.

He’s a nice chap and good company so I’m always happy to chat when he appears on on messenger.  Historically I have been a little suspicious of his intentions and have had the feeling that he thinks of me a booty-call/friend-with-benefits.  When challenged on that he tends to disappear for a few months.   He normally talks a good date, so when he messaged me last Sunday I was just expecting his usual flirtations, talk of meeting up, and then nothing.   However he offered to pick me up that evening and take me out for a drink.  As I had nothing else planned – and I didn’t have to drive – I was more than happy to agree.

He’s always liked a flash car, but when he turned up in his Jaguar XK I was quite impressed (shallow, moi?).  We went out to a pub in the country and had a couple of drinks and a catch up.  He seemed a lot more upbeat and positive, which was really good to see, and we had a really easy conversation.  He’s an inveterate flirt, and a bit bitchy, so we get on well.  He dropped me home and came in for a while so we cuddled up on the sofa to watch a bit of TV before he headed home.  I did give him a good night kiss, though.

I heard from him a couple of times during the week (he had a week off work) and then he invited himself over on Saturday evening.  He turned up with a lovely bottle of wine, and charmed the cat (quite an achievement; last time I had a date over the cat sat and hissed at him all evening and I never saw him again).  Turns out he was hoping for a little more than a kiss and cuddle on the sofa, so I’m not expecting to see him again anytime soon.  My suspicions were right, it would seem.

Since spoon-gate CSG has reverted to paying me his usual ninja-style attentions.  Today he stopped by a couple of times to talk about the weekend and then other issues he’s got with work. I like that he trusts me enough to do that.  He does keep threatening to remove the wheels from my office chair though – but his plans have been thwarted as there are always people near my desk (one of the benefits of running a 24/7 service).  Not sure what that is all about! More attention seeking, perhaps.

One of my managers is leaving next week and he’s having his leaving drinks this Friday.  CSG is very keen that I attend – I was going to anyway as the chap leaving is one of my direct reports.  As we are meant to be adhering to “fight club rules” it could be an interesting evening – I’d better not drink too much and try to keep my wits about me.  Sounds like a challenge!

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