Stirring it

In my pen pot at work I have a wooden spoon.  It has a face drawn on one side and the word “loser’ on the other [it was a prize for coming last in a quiz].  I realise this isn’t usual, and it generates quite a lot of conversation when people first see it.

Mid-morning I had an email come through from one of our printers in the building, and it was a scan of my wooden spoon – at which point I realised it was missing.

Checking up on the printer, I saw it was on the floor where CSG sits, and a few things fell into place – including the lack of my morning visit, and the smirking looks he’d been sending my way.  He had been seen hanging around first thing this morning so must have swiped it then.

He denied all knowledge despite some fairly fierce interrogation, even sending me a policy for the proper care of wooden implements in the office.  Then at the end of the day he appeared with it claiming it had been handed in to lost property.  Shame as I was hoping there’d have to be some kind of ransom payable for it’s return….

I know it all sounds really juvenile, but it really made me laugh and brightened up a fairly dull day.  My friend reckons he’s definitely trying to attract my attention.  Well he’s succeeded – let’s see what he does with it next!

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