Pictures of you?

It’s been a bit of strange week – seemed really long, despite only being a four-day one thanks to Easter Monday.

Lots of flirty behaviour from CSG, and not all of it particularly discreet.  He’s started to stop by every morning just to say hello & see if there’s anything I need him to assist with that day – which is really sweet.  He is still doing the whole ninja thing, although I’m getting better at realising he’s there.

action man beardHe shaved his head again over the weekend (boo!) but hadn’t been shaving his chin, so by the end of this week his hair and his stubble were about the same length.  I’d been teasing him about it – and sent him this picture of a bearded action man this afternoon.  He loved it and then proceeded to send me a number of selfies of him with different beards and hair styles.  They were all pretty terrifying – particularly the one where he looks like Travis Bickle’s psychotic brother…

I’m a little confused/frustrated about what actually is going on – despite his protestations that we will go out again, he doesn’t seem in any hurry to arrange it.  He has family commitments again this weekend, but he’s definitely ramped up the depth of contact.  I have decided that I’m going to chill out about it and leave it to him.  If it’s going to happen it will, and if it doesn’t well, c’est la vie.  I’m used to playing a long game; I would just like it if I actually got some pay off for his one.  We shall see.

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