Another night, another pub! Had a blast last night with some former colleagues I’ve known for years. Various states of inebriation ensued; I arrived at the champagne bar around six, while some had been settled there since half four. Highly entertaining!  One of the crew was first-love chap, always good to see him. The next group outing will, apparently, involve passports. Hmmm hare-brained schemes often arise with this lot!

On the dating front: I heard from first/second date guy so had to let him down gently. He was fine about it. A really lovely guy, just not the right one for me. CSG, despite his self-imposed “fight club rules” for us in the office, has been my shadow this week. A couple of colleagues have mentioned it to me so I’ll have to have a chat about that. In his defence however, he’s has a really tough week with one particular team member so I think he was mainly looking to absent himself from that environment as much as possible.

Anyway, it’s a four-day weekend now so lots of time away from the office.  I’m happy and sad about that. I’ve clearly got to used to my ninja shadow far too quickly! Hopefully he’ll miss me too…

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