Furtive Tuesday

So it was the first day at work while being in a clandestine relationship.  New ground for me, but good fun.  CSG appeared very early on with some things I needed for a meeting this afternoon, and to do some other random jobs I’d mentioned last night while we were out.  Bless him, he listened and remembered!

He started off in jeans & a t-shirt then went and changed into a very nice suit with a purple shirt and tie.  I appreciated the effort – particularly as he kept wandering around for seemingly no particular purpose other than to be in my eye line.

Although I was far more aware of his proximity, looks, glances and secret smiles than before, I kept having to remind myself that no-one else knows what’s going on and wouldn’t think anything of it.  We shall see if that remains true as things progress though.  Our office is a nightmare for intrigue and gossip – I would far prefer to not be a subject for discussion.

Roll on the long bank holiday weekend – hopefully it will give us an opportunity to spend some time together well away from where we work.

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