Not so mad about Bridget

madabouttheboyI’ve been commuting to work by train again since the end of September, so have got back into reading, which I’m really enjoying.  Prior to that I spent two years driving to work and back, which reduced my reading opportunities.

One of my friends has been recommending books which I’ve liked, and the last time I saw her she gave me her copy of Helen Fielding’s third Bridget Jones book – Mad About The Boy.

I’ve just finished it and, while I didn’t hate it, I was fairly disappointed.  To be fair, I’d forgotten how annoying the book-form Bridget can be.  It was one of the cases where the films were definitely better than the book.  The constant need to record calories, cigarettes, alcohol units in the first books and tweets, dates, boyfriends in this one are really irritating.

This is set a while after the original diary and the follow-up The Edge of Reason, and charts Bridget’s life as a 50-something mother-of-two who’s renegotiating the dating scene.  While parts of it – particularly the on-line dating elements, and being the only single one in a group of smug couples – were funny, the rest was quite tedious and relied too heavily on stereotypes of “cougars”, “toy boys” and pushy parents.

I may have got more out of it had I been a parent (Fielding herself is now one) but I’m not and found some parts seemed to exist just as a bit of a therapy session for the author.  Some previous characters reappear, including Shazza, Jude, Tom and of course Daniel Cleaver.  Some have had some character development and there’s also a random sprinkling of new characters who are largely stereotypes (again) of well-known types.

The outcome is pretty obvious from the start but, if you love Bridget and you want an easy read (particularly if you’re lounging by the pool or the beach), you might want to give it a go.

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