Dating tales 2

the-gun-2-1200x800So last night was date number two with “first date guy”.  We met at the DLR station and a walked to the pub – the initial restaurant was deemed inappropriate by him as we might run in to some of his colleagues.  It was a cold night so being inside was good.  The pub was lovely – right on the river, opposite the Greenwich peninsula, so we could see the O2 from the terrace, and watch the traffic on the river while we were talking.

As soon as we got to the pub he mentioned that some colleagues might be there later, and he seemed really uncomfortable about that.  I made a joke that I really wasn’t that embarrassing to be seen with – I really don’t think it had crossed his mind until that point that the big deal he’d been making about not bumping into anyone he knew could have given me that impression.  He had suggested eating at the pub, but it was slightly on the expensive side so, after a couple of drinks and some conversation, we relocated to the O2.  It was a cold, damp walk back to the DLR though!

After getting there – and randomly having to have our bags scanned – we went to a burger place called Five Guys – it was great!  Really good, fresh burgers, and they serve beer too – result.  I’d definitely recommend it.  We ended up talking about music – and he seemed surprised that I know quite a lot of song lyrics (I just have that kind of memory).  He also wanted to know what level I’m at in my career – but don’t think he was too pleased to work out I’m a higher grade than him.

It was a good evening; he has this habit of asking if I’m okay and enjoying myself all the way through, which is quite sweet but might start to grate.   He also kept saying “If you’re lucky….” about things – like going to restaurant, the cinema, his home etc, implying he was thinking of further dates.  Yet he texted me when he got home just saying it had been an “interesting evening”.

I can’t quite work him out.  On the one hand, during the evening he seems quite keen, but doesn’t seem to be at all tactile, even though he’s really expressive when he talks.  The only time he touched me was to hug me goodbye.  He then describes the evening as “interesting” – not even enjoyable.   He never comments on what I’m wearing or how I look which is unusual.  I’m not looking for him/a date to bolster my ego (I know I’m not a supermodel-fashion plate type) but generally on early dates guys mention how you look or at least comment on your shoes just to be polite!  Does he not take any notice, or just think I look awful?! He also seems to struggle a little with my sense of humour and that is a big flag for me.

We had discussed a third date – possibly Easter Monday as I’m busy the next few weekends – but having thought back over our two dates I don’t think I’m going to see him again.  He’s a lovely chap – but I really don’t feel that spark and I don’t think there’s much point in continuing if it isn’t actually going to go anywhere.

So onwards and upwards, the search continues!

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