Finally Friday

At last, it’s Friday evening.  This has been a stupidly long week and I’ve worked even longer hours than usual.  I also had to terminate the contract of one of my members of staff, which is never a nice thing to have to do.

CSG was not in, so I’ve had an uninterrupted day.  It was quite productive, but a little dull (shush, don’t tell him).  He is getting a trifle cheeky though in his communication. I’m not complaining, yet.

So we will have to see what happens next, and if our “work date” gets arranged anytime soon.  I have date #2 as well with first date guy (will have to find another name for him if that goes well).

And as for this weekend? Well, it’s full of god-mothering – I am spending Saturday with two of my godchildren and on Sunday I acquire my 9th godchild, which will be a really proud moment.

And, of course, you never know who you might meet!

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