CSG – who is in danger of losing that honorific – appeared, ninja-like, at my desk this morning looking like he was off on manoeuvres.  Khaki t-shirt, jeans and a shorn head were not what I was expecting.  Frankly terrifying from the ears up.  Particularly as yesterday he had a very pleasing amount of hair.  (Shallow, moi?!)  He was previously in the military, so perhaps old habits die hard.

Next time he appeared he’d changed into a suit, so that was a little easier on the eye, although he was sailing dangerously close to bouncer territory.  He still managed to earn a few gold stars though as he’d tracked down some stuff I’d been trying to get hold of for months.  Hopefully his hair will have grown a little by the time we have our “work date”.  Thinking about it though I rather like the feel of grade 2 length hair – hmm, his new look could have it’s compensations after all….

First date guy then tried to call me during the day – doesn’t he know I work?  In my job you can’t take personal phone calls nor have your mobile phone on your desk so it always surprises me when other people can. I’ll have to explain that to him.

To be fair, he was calling – I assume – while on his lunch break.  His voicemail message sounded like he was in a wind tunnel, or just heavy breathing!  He said he was taking his daily constitutional.  Anyway he was calling to change the venue of our date next week.  Apparently he doesn’t want to run into any of his colleagues.  While I can sort of understand that, he could have phrased it slightly better; it’s not nice to be told you’re a bit embarrassing to be seen with.  Last week we went to a pub that is frequented by lots of my colleagues, and he didn’t have an issue with that.

Perhaps I’m just over-thinking it, or am being tired and grumpy again, but he doesn’t seem to bring out the best in me.   Particularly since I’ve noticed he sounds a little like Chris Eubank and I have to consciously stop myself from assuming he will behave like him too. Poor chap, he deserves someone nicer than me!

Of course I’m probably just comparing him to CSG and finding him lacking, despite the hair-raising restyle.

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