I like this Monday…

Well to be completely honest, only parts of this Monday, but who’s keeping score?

Work was crazy – historically the busiest day of the year – and this one wasn’t any different.  That all on top of my usual ridiculous work load and general Monday madness.

However CSG stopped by a couple of times (for fairly tenuous reasons) which brightened my day somewhat.  On the second visit he suggested we meet up after work one evening to discuss a project he needs my input on.  Sounds almost like a date to me, particularly as there is absolutely no reason why we couldn’t talk about it during office hours.

I also found time to reply to the first date chap – don’t think he was too pleased with the delay.  I’m not holding my breath on hearing from him again.  But we shall see.

And finally my poor old car passed its MOT today, which is a huge relief. All things considered, not a bad day after all.

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